Second Wind Quintet

Based in Helsinki, Second Wind Quintet is an instrumental group that plays original music influnced by jazz, folk and cinematic music.

Debut album digitally out now!

The self-titled debut album invites the listener to experience a range of emotions. The music mixes shades of calmness, anxiety, mournfulness and hopefulness to form glimpses of the modern life. It paints moments that can occasionally be described as naively romantic, to a more coarse and hectic lamentation at times, with the dynamic range varying between silent contemplation to full blown shouting. The music also embodies certain flavours of northern melancholy and overall humanity in its expression.

distribution/release by Challenge records


SWQ includes:
Tommi Tampio Guitar
Kasper Haikonen Horns
Aapo Wikstén Piano
Juuso Rinta Bass
Ilkka Oksanen Drums

Second Wind Quintet was created in 2015 with shared interest towards jazz and improvised music. The music is heavily influenced by great musicians such as Brian Blade, Pat metheny, Aaron Parks just to name a few. It draws inspiration also from cinematic music, such as the work of James Horner, but most importantly leaves space for individual musicians to fill music with their own creativity.

Second Wind Quintets music has been heard around Finland, mainly around the capital area.


🇫🇮 Debut album review 🌟🌟🌟🌟

..The music is very mature, beautifully and airy. Every song has that “wind,” the wind that makes the music float and curve higher and higher.

- Pentti Ronkanen,

🇳🇱 Jazzenzo: Debut album review

Great how Second Wind Quintet immediately sounds so matured on his debut album.

- Mathijs van den Berg, Jazzenzo

🇳🇱 Written In Music: Debut album review

The fact that Finnish jazz is on a worldwide rise is also evident from the eponymous debut of the Second Wind Quintet from Helsinki.

- Dick Hovenga, Written In Music

🇩🇪 HighResMac Debut album review

A great start!

- Tom Semmler, HighResMac

🇳🇱 Music Frames: Debut album review

The compositions excel in originality, tranquility, coherent interplay and fast notes and thus virtuosity.

- Mattie Poels, Music Frames

🇫🇮 Helsingin Sanomat: Uusi tuuli puhalsi Second Windin keikalla: Tällaista ei Suomen jazz-skenessä ole kuultu

Second Wind is a fitting name for the quintet, as the music of the Tampios band is characterized by a rolling forward feeling. The Second Wind Quintet has captured the dynamics of cinematic music: quiet departures, growing modes, mood swings and great progressive rollovers.

- Katri Kallionpää, Jazzkeittiö

🇫🇮 Pupulandia: Täydellisiä sunnuntai-iltoja ja jazzia Suomesta

Expectations for the gig (and the record) were high after a couple of years of waiting, but to my delight I didn't need to be disappointed: the magic was still there. Rarely have I heard such a loud applause in Tenho as in this gig, even though the level of the performers in these shows is always high.

- Jenni Rotonen, Pupulandia

🇫🇮 Jazzpossu: Debut album review

The self-titled album, released by Challenge Records, is quite a stylish package from layout to content.

- Pasi Virtanen, Jazzpossu

🇩🇪 Jazz Thing: Debut album review

The band's richness of color makes the album by the five-man team from Helsinki a light-flooded pleasure that doesn't care much about genre boundaries.

- Rolf Thomas, Jazz thing

🇵🇱 Multikulti: Debut album review 🌟🌟🌟🌟

Tampio's compositions have a surprisingly large dose of originality, often his dramatic choices are not obvious and can surprise.

- Mateusz Krępski, Multikulti

gigs 2020

Album release 2020

26.2 Juttutupa @Helsinki

1.3 Tenho Restobar @Helsinki

More coming after the storm has passed..